Hello, I am 'Demola. 🙌

I am a Product developer, I do frontend development and I love building products. I currently work as Engineering Manager at Enyata, where I help improve the happy engineering experience.

Me setting with some collegues celebrating birthday
Selfie portrait of myself
Me, Richard, Janet, anita, Temitope and Abigail, on Abigails sent forth party
Celebrating with Collegues on another birthday
A self protrait of me working
Me and Eliana

Over the past decade, I have built interesting products on FinTech, Remittance system, Healthcare, Ecommerce and Bus Raid Transit Scheduling. I worked as part of a team, the team lead and/or as a consulting contributor across these products.

Transaction dashboard


Global Remittance solution


Wholesaler website


Training App


I have mentored developers and continue to contribute to the dev community online via my youTube Channel, articles and through the Enyata start-up bootcamp.

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